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Somalis Thrown To the Wolves
Abdul Guuled
Toronto, Canada
The warlords who have blundered Somalia for the last 16 years are now getting another chance to go at it.
Somalia's Islamic courts (IC) are known to have varying opinions among them; after all they are a collection of various groups who united in the face of the misery their people were facing under warlord rule. 
Yes, there are members in them that sympathize with Al-Qaeda and there is nothing unique in that, you can find similar sentiments in leaderships of many Muslim dominated countries. It is not in the Islamists best interest to ally themselves with a terrorist group and that's apparent in their continual insistence that they (as a collective) have nothing to do with Al-Qaeda. And When John D. Negroponte, the director of U.S national intelligence was asked if the Islamic Courts are the "next Taliban" he said. “I don’t think I’ve seen a good answer.” (Karen DeYoung, Washington Post "Al-Qaeda's Influence, Possible War With Ethiopia Are Concerns" Monday, December 18, 2006)
From the beginning, the Warlords thrived on tribal differences to prosper and feed their archaic ambitions.  The only thing that could unite the Somalis was their common religion and when that came to fruition, the Warlords realized that their days were numbered. So they were quick to capitalize on the fears of the White House, about potential IC involvement with terrorists.  They fanned those fears at every chance they got with the international media, and even creating a temporary alliance with the appropriate acronym:  The Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (ARPCT), they never had any intention to restore peace and for counter-terrorism, they had to account for the funding they were getting from the C.I.A.
Today, news comes from Somalia that the IC were defeated and in retreat, and Somalia capital is back into a state of anarchy much to the delight of the warlords. In the next weeks and years to come we will hear them quarrel among each other, much like a pack of wolves, as to who gets the torso and who gets ribs, as they cannibalize their nation.  This will lead into more Somali refugees fleeing abroad, and ironically the terrorist will find a sanctuary in a nation poorly governed, if at all, by warlords.
Fact:  Terrorist bombing of U.S Embassies happened when the Warlords were in charge.
An ideal situation for Somalians would be a power sharing between the Islamists and the western backed warlords, the Islamist will keep the warlords corruption in check and the warlords will bring western funding and recognition.  This will create the first well functioning government in Somalia, but I doubt it is in the interest of Zenawi, who currently receives funding to fight ant-western interests, to ensure that the funding continues indefinitely Zenawi should want to force the Islamist to insurgency, this will guarantee U.S funding for years to come.  This analysis is consistent to Zenawi’s recent change of tactics, where he initially was seeking to weaken the Islamists, so as to force them to come to the table, but now he is after a “total defeat”, what purpose does it serve to force them into insurgency? When you can force them to sit down, even hand-in couple of terrorists that are being sheltered by a sub-group.
If Zenawi and the warlords have their way, then there will continued justification of American military presence in the area, there will be continued funding of Ethiopian government by the U.S.  The TFG comprised of warlords will get bogged down in arguments and will probably start throwing chairs at each other again.  They will soon get tired and ran back to their tribal bases (back to square one), nothing will have been accomplished.  The losers will be the Somalian people.  Terrorist threat will remain in that part of the world. So who benefits?
Abdul Guuled

Afeef: Aragtida qoraalkan waxaa leh qoraaga ku saxiixan

Faafin: | Dec 31, 2006


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