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Perhaps Gedi and Zanawi are turning the clock back to colonialism time.

Will 2006 of Somalia be 1948 of Palestine?


Abdullahi Cisman


Sadly to say Somalia is again facing volatile future. Somalia has dark history and faces even darker days a head, with the Ethiopian occupation and the return of warlords the future of Somalia remains uncertain one. Today there is talk of Somalia being eliminated from world map something no one has imagine it weeks ago it could come so fast and swift specially when the country is in a state of occupation


Today Hussein Mohamed Aideed, the interior minister of the transitional federal government said Somalia and Ethiopia will share a single passport, and the 2000km border the two countries share will be eliminated. Aided continue his claim of wiping Somalia from the world map and said "Ethiopia is the only country which supported Somalia out of the trouble” in other words this is our way of saying thank you Ethiopia for putting us back to power, but this is huge sacrifice giving up a whole country, I wonder if this man have power to decide the destiny of Somalia, this may well seem possible as Muqadisho becomes the third Arab League member State capital occupied after Baqdad, Jerusalem  and fourth in the Islamic world adding Afghanistan on the list.


Aided mentioned the friendship between the two countries and called local clan elders not to see Ethiopia as their enemy but rather as brotherly country. The animosity of the two nations goes back to 1964 on Border dispute with two major wars which caused thousands of lives on both sides.


Mr. Aided used European Union as an example of former enemies who fought World War I and World War II yet are united as one nation without mentioned every European Union member state has its own boundary. Again European Union was only established in 1992 under this name and during which there were no hostilities between the member states.


On the other hand Ethiopia is historical national enemy of Somalia and has waged  war against  Somalia it may not at war with Aided, Yusuf and Gedi and others within the TFG who support U.S.-backed Ethiopian invasion under pre-text of war on terror for their own sake and interest. It's equally important to remember these folks were not elected by the citizens of Somalia nor can they claim they have the support of Somalis at large.


Ethiopia is at war with millions of Somalia who are patriotic when it comes to their country and have every right to defend their country including members of Interim Government most notable the speaker of the parliament Shareef Hassan Sh. Aden who called the military intervention illegal "The presence of Ethiopian troops in Somalia is illegal, it is against the charter of the transitional government" and further more called Somalis to resist this antagonism against the Somali people.  


Aided is no stranger to many Somalis he is the son of late Mohamed Farah Aided who is well known for his stand against the Ethiopians and traitors, for whatever way he may be comparable to his late father, Hussein is not a stanch nationalist and those who know him well will tell you expect him anything from him. As one Somali elder put it to me "In Aidieed ka fila wax walba"


I recall back in 2003 he was the only Somali politician I have ever known to support the war in Iraq and he said the war was justified and when asked a question if this war was a war against Islam as many in the Muslim world would say so, his response was "this is a war against terrorism and WMD" which both turn out to be bogus claims made by the Americans, a chilling reminder that Hussein supported a war that was illegal and many of the world leaders were against it, Former Secretary-General Kofi Annan Called it "The US-led invasion of Iraq was an illegal act that contravened the UN charter" an interview Annan gave to British Broadcasting Corporation on16 September, 2004.


This is all unfolding when only few weeks ago the world map image was circulated in Somali Media websites with the map of Somali omitted and joined with Ethiopia, the source claming the map was leaked from the office of  Somali Premier Mohamed Ali Gedi in Baidao, nevertheless Gedi's government denied the accusation and called it "fabrication".


The words of Interior Minster Hussein Aideed would only authenticate speculation surrounding the map and the really intention behind this naked invasion against sovereign nation. May be we are too naïve to think this is just short period of occupation as like us to think that way, perhaps Gedi and Zanawi are turning the clock back to colonialism time who knows only  time will tell.


Abdullahi Cisman

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