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The Somali Family Services website team pleased to announce the completion of the first phase development on the new Puntland State University website.

The new website utilizes cutting-edge content management technology that will enable content to be posted by multiple contributors anywhere in the world. This will contribute to universal education and assist the university in extending beyond "bricks and mortar".

Phase I Summary 
  • Installed Joomla! Content Management Software
  • Designed new, professional look and feel
  • Reorganized existing content from old website
  • Initiated Knowledge Database, where contributors can submit online resource links.
  • Launched new website on

Looking ahead to Phase II and beyond:

  • Continue adding and improving content such as course catalogs, class schedules, degree information, etc.
  • Training faculty and students on the use of the website and content contribution.
  • Planning for future implementation of online courses and multimedia content.
  • Continuous updates and improvements.
The new website was made possible by volunteers in Minnesota who gave their time, talent, energy and expertise to support Puntland State University, and by the developers of Joomla! Who work hard to make their award-winning open source software freely available to everyone.
Somali Family Services board chair expresses his highest gratitude to Sara McDonald who spent hours and hours of her valuable time and talents to design Puntland State University. Sara McDonald born in St. Cloud Minnesota which is 8200 miles away from Puntland, Somalia, but she was up until at 1:00am to design Puntland State University's website in order to meet the website deadline. With a smile Abdurashid Ali stated that "Minneapolis Community and Technical College got a male camel and Sara will get a female camel."
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Faafin: | Jan 5, 2007



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