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Recommendations From "Center For Somali Solutions International on Civil society Participation in Somali Peace building and Reconciliation"

Nairobi, Kenya, 4 January 2007. 




Center for Somalia Solutions recognizes that there have been Changes in the Somali Political process. So far, but at the same time is deeply concerned at the lack of progress in critical areas.

Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) is the de facto peace process in

Somalia. Without DDR there will be no security and hence no environment for sustainable peace in the country.  But the government must come up the plans for comprehensive disarmament and demobilization and integration in Somalia as whole.


There is an urgent need to include civil society stake holders in the Development of all the processes in place.


 We are deeply concerned that it will not be possible to get comprehensive and real disarmament given the current situation and ultimatums the fact that meaningful processes of consultation with the Somali people. and have yet to begin. It is essential that the Somali people are informed and engaged in all democratic processes and civil society organizations have an invaluable role to play in partnership with the government in this regard.


The role of the international community remains central with regard to the provision of security and protection of human rights in this transitional period.


The CSSU International support the demand of the Somali government for

Further financial support by the international community, 


1.     Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR)


  The key objectives of the DDR process must be implemented within the framework of consultative agreement not by force. For the DDR process to succeed it must have public support with clear mandate.

  To ensure effective heavy weapon cantonment this process must take place under the

International supervision For  IGAD /UN.


  An independent commission of representatives from civil society to include the media should inspect and monitor the DDR process and inform the public on its progress at regular intervals.

  A detailed and comprehensive strategy must be developed immediately to halt the illegal trafficking of weapons coming in the country.


  The DDR process must be seen by Somalis to be under the control of qualified and

Experienced, neutral force and Somalis. To this end, the government must institute relevant administrative reforms based on skills and knowledge. This is vital if public trust and confidence is to be built in the DDR and other processes.


  The formation of the Somali National Army (SNA) must be accelerated to bridge the   security gap that will be further widened by any successful DDR process. To this end, conscription should be considered as one option to replace the voluntary recruitment system.  


3. The Role of the International Community

  Security is the pre-condition for democratic development and reconstruction in Somalia.

  The expansion of peacekeeping forces and disarmament along similar lines to those in Mogadishu is essential if security is to be established throughout the country.


  International pressure must be maintained on all states parties to uphold the non-interference declaration of the UN security Consul.

  The international community must increase its commitment to counter-Terrorism destabilization and the provision of alternative livelihoods.

  Judicial Nomination, including the training of judges and qualified criminal justice professionals, must be accelerated and increased financial and technical support provided.


4. Implementation of the Constitution

  The government should be committed to work with civil society organizations to implement the constitution.

Somali civil society, Local grassroot NGOs should be committed to upholding, establishing a national movement to support and monitor the implementation of the constitution. 


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