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Kenya ma Badda Soomaaliyeed ayey Shidaal Ka Qodaneysaa?
Dawladda Kenya ayaa dardar gelisey baaritanka batroolka ay ka wado xeebta, waxaana soo baxay warar tibaaxaya...

W.Q: Axmed Haybe (Axmed Dawlo) - 2004

Itoobiyaan baaraya laba nin oo Soomaali. Muqdisho. AFP - Jan 13, 2006

Taangi Itoobiyaan ah oo taagan garoonka muqdisho - AFP - Dec 2006


Somalia , strategy for others and graveyard for its people 

By: Mohamed Yusuf

Many things might have been said about Somalia, many tongues might have been pronouncing it, many ears might have heard it, but still solution makers have not shown themselves up, or appeared or as others said it time and again that Somalia good Samaritans are already dead. 

This small country has been without effective central government over a decade, breaking the records as the only country on earth without effective government since the formation of the United nation (UN). There are many countries in Africa or other parts of the world that have conflict as such however different nature than the one in Somalia.  

There are those who called themselves horn of Africa experts, international think tanks and other organizations commenting , discussing and proposing solutions to Somalia while Somalia’s so called intellectuals, scholars  are busy trying to solve the unsolvable equation that was created by enemy of Somalia and that is 4.5 = Somalia. My God, no formula’s to apply to solve this equation to get the final answer. The more you try the deeper it complicates. 

I have tried to solve this equation but could not get the anticipated answer. I have applied all sorts of tactics hence I got the following:- 

  1. (4.5 = Somalia), 4.5 x Qabiil = Somaliland, puntland, Banadirland, Jubbaland and Bayland etc. This doesn’t solve the problem because no Somalia here, it gives us different names.
  2. (4.5 = Somalia) 4.5 x puntland, Somaliland, Banadirland and Jubbaland = Qabiilo (Clans)…Oh no Somalia here, this formula is not also applicable.
  3. Let me apply simple one, 4.5 = Somalia. 4.5 X Hawiye x Darood x Dir x others = HDDO. Oh!!! No Somalia here also, this is worse, no Somaliland no puntland so is it possible to get Somalia here? I doubt.
  4. Best formula ….GIVE UP or TREAT AS UNKNOWN UKNOWN

    I am really tired with this equation; I therefore decided to keep it aside till we get other formula applicable, that will get us to Somalia, moreover there are other things that ought to be highlighted to refresh the minds of the healthy Somalians that, they are others who have strategic goals, good or bad depending on how Somalis interpret it while we have chosen our country to be a graveyard for it is beloved people.

    Ethiopian Prime Minister Zenawi wants Somalia to have a long lasting peace in his own style, purely free from warlordisim but who are they? And I quote him saying”

Upon completion of this final phase of our mission as soon as possible, we will withdraw our forces with in a few weeks as it is our irrevocable position. Apart from creating a conducive condition for peace, we cannot and should not transform ourselves into a peace keeping force.”

That was Zenawi’s address before Ethiopian parliament, promising stable Somalia though he conceded that 2000 Somalis were killed while 500 Ethiopian mercenaries also had been killed in Somalia. What are Zenawi’s immediate goals? Brotherhood, neighborhood, Africanhood or none? According to Junior Aideed all these are possible when he spoke about common border, single currency and one passport or travel documents, or the media misquoted him!!!!, as he has claimed later on, I don’t think so, but does Aideed posses such statesmanship quality to tell us what future holds for  Somalia? No one believes him, never even one person but Somalis used to say, whatever is hidden in the heart was stolen by the tongue, then Zenawi has another Agenda no stable Somalia. Junior Aideed is rather a warlord who had personal roadblocks in and out Mogadishu. His militias were among those who had been robbing, maiming and molesting school going children on the street. He therefore cannot make any deal with anybody. Just forget him period. 

Somaliland authority believes that Zenawi and his cronies are brothers who are out there to help the Somalis, hold on pleas, Somalis!!!!! Sorry I mean somalilanders but I have never heard the prime minister mentioning Somalilanders, may be he has forgotten it, whatever but why not recognize this friendly nation, which loves Ethiopia or at least help it lobby among African Union? Zenawi WILL NEVER do that because Ethiopia itself consists of weakly united regions and if it allows Somalilanders’ wish of self declaration would eventually doom its unity. Therefore Ethiopia is not friendly or brotherly country to Somaliland. Then forget this idea that says Ethiopia wants to divide Somalia. 

Ethiopia helped puntland enjoy peace and stability by toppling democratically elected President Mr. Jama Ali Jama and reinstalled Mr. Abdullahi Yusuf despite the wish of the people of puntland as the first man appeared unfriendly, patriot who knew the difference between Ethiopia and Somalia to Zenawi. Ethiopia doesn’t want Puntland but wants individuals who fulfills it is interest. Why Ethiopia did not respect the verdict of the puntlanders after they had elected Mr. Jama? Zenawi doesn’t want mosque goers to lead friendly region but the people chose him, sorry to confuse you, whoever Ethiopia wants would wear the helm. Oh…..Ethiopia is an enemy of the puntland people, I didn’t know that. 

Mogadishu Warlords have been closed friends of Ethiopia just by denying each other to choose one leader from among them. It had treated them like the way the clever man treated his four wives by touching their back to demonstrate his love to each one of them. Each warlord was cleverly convinced that the other warlords were his arch enemy therefore all his guns were pointed to that direction and vice-versa. Ethiopia were not really friend to those guys as they could not agree to form regional administrative for Mogadishu. But Ethiopia armed those warlords to undermine Abdiqasim’s government which it saw as its number one enemy. Hold on pleas, Mogadishu warlords and President Abdiqasim were from same clan, how comes that Ethiopia did manage to use those warlords against its own subclan leader. Oh clan or subclan whatever name it is given, it is a misleading sharing factor but it is not uniting denominator and history has it for us, it is a disuniting factor. Then no one cares clan unless you support the warlords to kill, rape innocent Somalis and sell religious individuals to Ethiopia or United States. It is not allegation America conceded it that. 

OOH…then Ethiopia is a friend to whom?

I am sure those Somalis endowed with intellect will agree with me 100% that Ethiopia is a friend to whoever wants to destroy the Somalis and demolish Somalia. I know there are some fellows who would quickly sense regional euphoria or clanisim from what I am trying to elaborate because that is what they embark on from their reasoning. It is agreed upon that Ethiopia has one agenda and it is nothing other than a divided society, hailing from small fiefdoms situated in what used to be called Somalia. If you remember Zenawi’s waging war announcement, he did mention that Islamic Unions were posing a threat to puntland and Somaliland and don’t forget great Ethiopia. So can we deduce from his statement that he wanted to free the rest of the remaining regions in Somalia? Why not?

The mother of all smokes, United states of America conceded two times that it has participated mass killing of the Somalis by collaborating Mogadishu warlords during their mass killing in Mogadishu. It also conceded that it had helped Ethiopia’s Somalis invasion though there were reports that US military had been training Ethiopians prior to the war for the sole intention of the proxy war.  

What are the objectives of United States? Is Somalia part of axis of evils? Or they are three wanted people in Somalia? Are we part of the new Middle East project proposed by Bush administration?

We are part of the Middle East project, like it or not, America doesn’t want strong, powerful Muslim country neighboring Ethiopia. America wants to have big influence militarily in horn of Africa and Africa as a whole. Whoever has greater influence in horn of Africa would have easier control of Babul mandab via straight hormuz which are the oil transporting roots from rich oil Arab and Persian gulfs. Why then America doesn’t want us to get a government which only arrests pick pockets, collects tax, provides an armed men to hospitals that ensures patients remain on their beds?, easy and simple, it has an ally in the horn of Africa and that is Ethiopia, thus what Ethiopia reads for America is the final and Ethiopia doesn’t want a country called Somalia to be it is neighbor period. Not even two regions with same police uniforms or same national anthem.

The gist of the whole thing is Somalia is strategy for others and a grave for it is own people. The issue is broader than Ethiopia wants to help TFG or it favors certain clans or regions. It is very sad to witness a Somalian fighting a long side with an Ethiopian mercenary, killing his own brother and pointing guns to innocent mothers selling tomatoes under a shadeless tree to feed their hungry children. 

Mohamed Yusuf 



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