Minnesota: Dumarka iyo Carruurta Soomaaliyeed oo Bannaanbax ku Dhigaya Aqalka Looga Taliyo Minnesota...

Goorma: Jimce: May 25, 2007  @1:00 -4:00 PM.

Kaalay oo ka soo qaybgal baaq iyo banaanbax haweenka iyo caruurta Soomaaliyeed ee Minnesota ku qaban doonaan State capitol-ka. Waa duco iyo dareen ku saabsan sidii loo badbaadin lahaa dadka Soomaaliyeed, nabadna Soomaaliya oogu soo dabaali lahaa. Haweenku waa horseedka nabadda.

Daawo Ogeysiiska: VEDEO- Guji Bartama Sawirka hoose


Come and join us to hold this important Somali women and children peace rally at the State Capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota on May 25, 2007 @1:00 -4:00 PM.

Enough is enough! No to the military madness in Somalia, Africa and the whole world.

Women and children bear the brunt of all the pain and suffering of the senseless wars in Somalia and elsewhere. We say no the violence against wome. We speak against the gang rape, the mass displacement of women by young militia men and men soldiers.

Somali women are the backbone of our society. While men fight and continue the violence against women, Somali women remains courageous in their search and strugle for peace in Somalia. Imagine this, Somali women make more than half of the population and there is no single Somali female warlord, hate-monger or militant.

Somali women and their children are subjected to daily sufferings, unbearable and intolerable forms of abuses, torture, rape, displacement, marginalization and still, they are kind and compassionate to take care of the sick, the injured and the death.
Somali women love their people and country more than the men but still all the suffering happens to them. This is unfair and let us demand for peace in somalia.

Let us pray for peace and stabilty for our beloved country. Let us demand the men to stop the senseless fighting and to end the suffering of our innocent mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, aunties and the children. Come and show your support for peace and relief for Somali women. Let the voice of Somali women for peace and sanity be heard.