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Press Release for Abducted Somali Citizens

Press Release

We the elders and the tribal leaders of the following three abducted young men are calling for the immediate and unconditional release of all six young men who were abducted and hijacked by French forces on Friday 11 April, 2008. Three of these young men belong to Rer-Omar tribe, (Majeirteen) in which we represent. We the elders are here to certify that these three young men did not belong to any so called piracy group, nor do they took part of any piracy activities, rather they were travelling peacefully on Somali soil when they were terrorized, humiliated and abducted by French commandos.

If the French forces failed to arrest the criminals who hijacked their ship, then we will not allow our innocent sons to be used as scapegoat.

On the other hand, we and the rest of puntland people are aware that those who were responsible for this particular criminal piracy are free and enjoying the ransom money while our innocent young men are being abducted, labeled and arrested wrongly.

Thus, once again we are asking the French Government to come to its sense and admit their mistake (impossible mission) and not embarrass its image further.

We are also demanding from the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG) not to allow innocent Somali citizens to be abducted and put in third country prison and their kangaroo justice. This will not only damage the TFG image but it will also show that there are not capable of defending the rights of the Citizen they suppose to serve and protect, thus, we hope the President Yusuf, Prime Minister Nur and Foreign Minister Jangeli will advocate and demand the release of following innocent Somalia Citizens.

1. Mahamed Said Mahamud (Rer Omar)

2. Abdi-Dahir Guled Aw-Said (Rer Omar)

3. Abdul-Kadir Guled Aw-Said (Rer Omar)

As well as the other three Somali Citizens.

A. M. Aw-Osman
Garowe, Somalia

If any further information is required we encourage you to contact:

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