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Ending impunity in Somalia

  • By: Hon:Sharma'arke Mohamed Hashi Gaani (MP)

Dear Readers of Somalitalk,

GaaniIt's time the International Community must focus on ending impunity in Somalia,where warlords have committed gross human rights abuses against civilians for close to two decades.

As a Somali member of Transitional Federal Parliament living in Somalia,I fully support the words that come out His Excellency Mr. Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, U.N special representative for Somalia.

Mr Ahmedou said that the International Community must focus on ending impunity in Somalia. That is the key ingrediuam in my view missing from the Security Council Resolution.
I fully agree with him.

On the other hand, I would like to inform you that from Somalis all walks of life who were victims under the hands of these Somali Warlords ask why the International Community especially the Security Council don't mention ending impunity in Somalia?

I believe that unless it is addressed by the Security Council then there's no possibility of a return to peace and stability or return to normal economy or the normal delivery of humanitarian assistance in Somalia.

The Security Council mentioned that the protection of civilians and Humanitarian relief efforts were placed front and centre,while member states were urged to help guard merchant shipping from Pirates off the Somali Coast,especially vessels carrying vital U.N Food Aid. But I would like to highlight to you that the Security Council made no reference of targeting Warlords and other Somali-some serving in the Somali government and other allied to the Insurgency who have made life a misery for most Somalis since late former president Mohamed Said Barre who was overthrown in 1991. These Warlords and other above statements are largely behind the Piracy activities in the coastal waters of Somalia.

Furthermore,"the Security Council stated the need to protect,but they don't say from whom or for how long this has taken place"

I think the International Community are not paying enough attention to Somalia, I believe there is no political will to confront the real issue which is ending impunity in Somalia.

The U.N. Refugee agency says this:the conflict of Somalia is the world most pressing Humanitarian crisis-even worse than that in Darfur.

To give you an example, The International Prosecutors working on criminal cases in other African Nations like Liberia and Uganda. I could not understand why no one was being blamed for Somalia's woes in the last two decades?

I wish to reiterate to you that the Security Council is closing it's eyes when it comes on this issue. However, Some Somalis I talk to are convinced that the Security Council is discriminating Somalia against other Hot Spot in the World.

The Security Council has no political will to act when it comes to Somalia.

I also would like to inform you that U.N. Secretary -General Ban Ki-Moon have reported to the Security Council on March 20th,2008 on finding of two technical team he sent to Somalia and neighbouring States. Council members will then debate whether to act or repeated appeals for U.N. peacekeepers by the interim government and the A.U. I do understand both Ban and 15-Nation Council have been wary of sending U.N. Troops to the Horn Africa state,where insurgence finance by Eritrea ,some Arab states,and some Europeans have stepped up a campaign of assassinations,mortar and grenade attacks and Iraqi style roadside bombings.

I personally feel the calls for outside intervention have revived bitter memories of the killing of U.S.soldiers during the " the Black-Hawk Down" battle of 1993 which marked the beginning of the end of a join U.S-U.N. peacekeeping mission.

It is time for the U.N. Security Council shun the memories of Black Hawk Down and to spearhead a fresh and vigorous policy towards Somalia in order to win the hearts and mines of Somali people as it was done in the early 1990s during the operation "Restore Hope."

Sincerely Yours

Hon:Sharma'arke Mohamed Hashi Gaani (MP) for the State of Galgaduud,Somalia
Member of the Committee on Finance (TFP)
Secretary of the Committee on Finance (TFP

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Faafin: | May 13, 2008


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