Unique  Question to Abdiqaasim Salaad Hassan

“All  are equal before the law and are entitled without any  discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are  entitled to equal against any discrimination in the  violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to  such discrimination”

 Article 7 Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

 In July 1989, one night about 55 Somalilanders were  forcefully removed from their houses, shuttled into Jazira,  fired upon by the men whom you were supposed to utilise for  the safety of the public. Read the names of the victims your  men denied the right to exist as human beings. Ask yourself  why you have allowed this to happened? Ponder about the pain  they suffered, while their flash was being torn apart by the  bullets bought with the money, collected from the Somali taxpayers.

Special  Note to British Somalilanders 

Many of  us do remember very well, when 55 Somalilanders, in July  1989, were handpicked from their house in Mogadishu. They  were simply brought into a meeting point near the Jazira  beach. As the waiting party of the red berets noted that  enough are there, they were ordered to fire at them and the  massacre that ensued was something many of us may never  forget. 

The man who was in charge of this interior army was, as we  all know, the Somali Interior Minster, Abdiqaasim Salaad  Hassan, and who is know the so-called interim President, who  claims to rule the country from isolated and ramshackle  hotel in Mogadishu, where he is surrounded by those who are  seeking his blood. 

 The man who supervised many untold inhumane killings of our  people, a man who once said "it is right to bomb  Somaliland from everywhere," has now a website,  provided by the BBC World Service. 

 There is no doubt that this has come about by the help of  his nephew, he is the head of the BBC Somali Section. But we  should, for example, accept the fact that IRIN supports his  views, because IRIN is not only run by his other Nephew, but  it belongs to the UN, which is susceptible to many abuses. 

 But, and this a big but, why we should allow the British  Broadcasting Corporation to support a man, who had so much  blood on his hand, without it being made known to the  British Government? 

 We should be reminding the Right Honourable Chris Smith that  if UK is determine to seek the prosecution of those who  committed atrocities in the Balkans, then the labour  government should at least respect the feelings of the  victims of Abdiqaasim Sallaad. 

Mohamed-Aar Abdillahi Mohamed
 Somaliland Research Society